Saturday Night Apocalypse

  1. Chatter Chatter
  2. Devils Sympathy
  3. Presto Manifesto
  4. Shots
  5. Missionary Postion
  6. So Sinister
  7. Saturday Night Apocalypse
  8. Shakedown Collision
Tijuana Knife Fight - Saturday Night Apocalypse

Tijuana Knife Fight was started to get free beer for Chris Muench, Dan Cady, Jesse Rowe, Alex Hernandez, and Aaron Broderick. After some time and many free beers Alex and Aaron left and in came Chris Friedman. then they recorded there first EP.

After many more free beers Chris Friedman moved from Bass to lead guitar with Vince Giobbe join in on bass. after short while and no beers later Jesse left . So the band went for a walk and a man jumped out and said “ROARRR, I’m a drummer and i kick butt”…his name was Justin Hische.

So with Justin Hische on drums they wrote and recorded the album Saturday Night Apocalypse with Joe Holiday as producer. Many beers came after that…after seeing Mike Watt play too much the band spontaneous imploded opening for The Adolescents. FIN